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      ABOUT US

      We, at Sanofi, are there beside people in need, as a health journey partner

      employees in 100 countries
      €5,894 million
      invested in R&D in 2018
      projects in clinical development
      Family having fun

      Healthcare solutions

      Life is a health journey with its ups and downs, and its challenges. These can be big or small, lifelong or momentary.
      Everyone, from children to elder people can be facing health challenges and needs, wherever they are.
      Infographic about industrial network
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      Our responsibility

      Every day, Sanofi’s 100,000 employees are committed to improve the lives of people around the world, with sustainable and responsible solutions and initiatives.

      Science & innovation

      Delivering innovative solutions as a health journey partner
      General Meeting


      Committed to respect effective governance rules for enhanced transparency
      World map

      World presence

      is the number of countries in which our healthcare solutions are available
      is the number of countries in which we are located