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      Together improving access to healthcare for the underserved


      to access to healthcare for the underserved


      communities and employee engagement


      environmental challenges


      ethics & transparency

      Our commitment


      A revised Code of Ethics for sanofi

      A revised Code of Ethics for Sanofi

      A 100% digitized version!
      African children

      Breakthrough on sleeping sickness

      Developed by Sanofi in partnership with DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative), the new oral drug should contribute to the sleeping sickness elimination as a public health problem by 2020

      People riding bikes in a flooded street

      Climate Change and Human Health: everyone’s concern

      Climate change has direct and indirect effects on human health, and is one of the most significant health challenge of our century
      Girl smiling

      Healthcare for all

      In 2016, more than 241 million people benefited from our access programs in more than 90 countries

      Quick links

      Corporate Code of Ethics

      Corporate Code of Ethics

      Mom and her child

      Sanofi Espoir Foundation

      Supplier portal

      Receiving the best value from our suppliers while ensuring the complete respect of Sanofi's Code of Ethics and Compliance.
      Logos Sanofi recognitions

      Sanofi recognitions

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