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    1. Science and Innovation Image

      Sanofi Researchers Turn a Hunch into a Clinical Study for Rare Diseases

      Perpetual innovation is part of Sanofi’s DNA. It radiates through everything it does, driving its scientists as they tirelessly seek solutions and permeating the company’s mindset as it collaborates with partners to improve access to health care and close treatment gaps. Sanofi uses the multifaceted reach of innovation in areas such as clinical trials and real-world evidence to better understand patients and tailor medicines, and in its digital plants to transform how it delivers products to patients. Combined with increasingly sophisticated digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, innovation is Sanofi’s partner for reinvention and growth.

      Video innovation

      Voices from the Lab: Interview with Virginia Savova

      Biologic Medicines Target Disease Solutions

      Crossing Barriers to Deliver New Medicines

      Interview with Christian Mueller

      Voices from the Lab: Interview with Christian Mueller

      Molecular bio imaging

      Precision Science Drives Multi-Faceted Approach to Immune and Inflammatory Diseases

      Real-World Evidence Turns Experience into Knowledge

      Sanofi Innovation Awards

      The Ethics of AI in Healthcare

      Sanofi Scientists Aim to Stop Abnormal Immune Response in Rare Blood Disorders

      Blockchain shared data
      Blockchain Technology: The Next Digital Platform in Healthcare
      Journey to a Discovery

      The Journey to a Discovery

      RD Access

      Research & Development

      Artificial Intelligence

      Innovation in our DNA

      Clinical Trials access

      Clinical Trials & Results